Surge for the last decade has been the stuff of fantasy.  Former kids everywhere would fetishize over the dream beverage of their youth launching campaigns on social media to bring it back.  The latest entry in the revival tour is Frozen Surge Icee.

Social media wasn’t even a phrase yet when when I was high five-ing my friends at a pool party in grade school ripping shots of Surge.  The campaign worked a few years ago and and the #SURGEcomeback was complete.  Initially it was still fairly cost prohibitive, it could only be obtained on Amazon in the form of a 12 pack of pounders–and not prime eligible.  I never pulled the trigger.  Thanks to another partnership, continuing the co-branding trend at fast food chains, Surge has teamed up with Icee and Burger King to bring that citrus flavor to a slightly more accessible location.

Frozen Surge
When I walked in to my Burger King, I was struck with fear.  No promo signs anywhere.  Could they really not have it?  I asked the person taking orders if they had Frozen Surge, just as the tiny logo caught my eye in the beverage section.  Fortunately I caught that because the response I received was “frozen huh?” When I stated again it did not clear anything up.  She asked for a manager.  He guessed that it might have been the new green stuff occupying the Coke Icee spot.  He was right.  For how big of a deal the Surge Comeback was, Frozen Surge does not appear to be getting a whole lot of fanfare.


Frozen Surge – The Verdict

In this post Surge Comeback world, I had not gotten around to getting my hands on any.  I took a deep inhale and I was immediately swept back to that pool party.  I took a deep drag and immediately remembered the flavor like it was just yesterday.  It pretty much is as straight forward as you’d expect, theres not much to really report, the flavor is as true as you’d expect and translates perfectly in Icee form.  In fact, I think Frozen Surge is a great showcase of the flavor.  The carbonation is intact.  My only gripe was mine was kind of dry, it took a little bit of work to make it liquid-y enough to sip.  I’ll probably get a few more, but it’s available for only a limited time.