‘Twas a few weeks before Christmas, and dreams of Sugarplum Macchiatos were dancing through my head. So let’s take a gander at what Dunkin’ came up with.

Here is how Dunkin’ describes the Sugarplum Macchiato:

The newest addition to our holiday espresso lineup – features the bright berry flavors of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and plum, accented by notes of vanilla, and rounded out with a sweet sugary finish. The combination of premium espresso, milk, and sugarplum flavor creates a whimsical, light-purple, layered drink that you’re sure to see popping up across social media this December.

While I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced a true sugarplum or know if they even exist, that hasn’t stopped Dunkin’ from creating a new beverage that is based on the mythical fruit. They’ve also gone out of their way to make it look magically purple so that it will really pop on social media.

Based on the online ordering process the Sugarplum isn’t a typical flavor swirl that can go in any type of coffee or espresso beverage. It appears as though it is a Macchiato exclusive, which in turn allows Dunkin’ to showcase the vibrant purple color but to also raise profits. The Macchiato is one of Dunkin’s most expensive drinks, going over the $4 market for a small in my area, nearing premium Starbucks territory.

When I first reviewed Dunkin’s Macchiato way back when the employees were just getting the idea of what layers of flavor really meant in a beverage. From the looks of it Dunkin’ has learned their lesson and have actually made the beverages look like their press photos.

While I’m no coffee snob, my basic research shows that Macchiatos are supposed to be almost all espresso with a small amount of milk. Dunkin’s iced version more looks like a wallop of sugary dairy and then a truck full of espresso on top. Almost equal parts it would seem.

At least this layered effect makes it really easy to get a good taste of the Sugarplum flavor without much interference. The flavor was unique blend of fruits and whimsy. I don’t think I’ve ever really tasted a flavor exactly like this, especially in a coffee drink. Berry laden and plum driven, it tasted like a wintry pie, something that you’d eat after Christmas brunch. Despite the unique flavor it was radioactively sweet.

Mixing the drink fully with the espresso flavor did make a tangible difference in a good way for me. I prefer coffee drinks to have a good blend of sweet and bitter, so that it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking a dessert. I enjoyed the drink mixed up way more than the layered only effect.

While the Macchiato may be a gimmick to get you to spend a lot of money, at least it’s loaded with espresso so you can get a decent rush. The Sugarplum flavor is unique and new, but I just wished you could mix it in a normal hot coffee.

Dunkin’ Sugarplum Macchiato: 6/10