As we posted yesterday, Dunkin Donuts is teaming up with Baskin Robbins to release a couple of ice cream flavor inspired iced coffee drinks this month.  My fiance’s all time favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip, so I felt like it was a perfect opportunity to give this one a go.  Ordering a small, with splenda, and skim milk for a rather solid rate of $1.95, it almost felt like I was robbing the place leaving with a coffee beverage at that price.

It’s pretty hard to factor in nutrition for coffee at places like Dunkin’, because as you can see in the photo above, the skim milk must have been added using a medical dropper. Regardless, when it comes to these kind of drinks, the flavor syrup is what really seems to matter.  After stirring vigorously to get the Splenda that had receded to the bottom in a cluster the size of Atlantis, it was time for a sampling.  
The flavor that came through was pretty solid. The bold coffee flavor was really prevalent, with the mint chocolate chip flavor serving as a complimentary flavor instead. The minty chocolate provided a cool, smooth wave, without being too over powering Hard to judge whether most people would enjoy that because it feels like many people get flavored Iced Coffees so that they can get the caffeine and not have to taste the coffee.  But after becoming a recent black drinker, I have grown fond of the strong flavors.  Having 110 calories is pretty impressive but the 25 grams of sugar is pretty concerning alas.  Still a pretty solid flavor option, but I’d like to have more of the mint chocolate taste come through.
Nutrition: B-
Taste: B
~Fast Food Geek