The Macchiato scene is a wild one.  It may have just begun last month for Dunkin, with the premier of the Pumpkin Macchiato, but the beverage category is now a full time menu element and the premium drink is the focal point of the holiday flavor season.  While also available in either the Sugar Cookie orPeppermint Mocha flavors, the Snickerdoodle is center stage this month being accompanied by its Croissant Donut counterpart which we reviewed earlier this week.  When I tried out the Pumpkin Macchiato, it was brand new and pretty much an unknown to the employees who made it for me, so I came into this one hoping the hand crafter layers would be finely tuned.

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The Ingredients:

  • Double Shot of Espresso
  • Milk Flavored with Snickerdoodle swirl
  • Ice
  • Hand crafted layers

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First Impressions:

While it’s been getting cooler and cooler, unseasonably warm temps in this area of the country this week led me to another iced Macchiato.  Plus this way the drinker can really interpret the layers of flavor that differentiate this thing with the translucent cup. As we discussed last month, the Macchiato is essentially a deconstructed latte with the espresso sitting on top of a layer of flavored milk. Last month, as soon as I plopped my straw down, everything mixed and I was essentially paying a 50 cent premium for nothing. With the new flavor and some time removed from its debut, my hopes were high.

Photo Nov 04, 8 21 16 AM
The Snickerdoodle flavor isn’t even necessarily a thoroughbred holiday flavor, but it’s so magical I could care less. Cinnamon sugar is one of those tastes that tickles your insides whether it be on cookies or in this flavor concoction.  With the layers in tact when handed over to me, I was pretty nervous about inserting the straw and destroying the semblance.  This time around I dipped the straw down gently, like a toe into the water and the layers remained.

While I’m no coffee aficionado the layers of a macchiato don’t really do much for me.  With the straw hitting all the way to the bottom, the sips were of extremely sweet milk.  Sure the snickerdoodle flavor was soul lifting in nature but the lack of any coffee flavor in this layer felt like I was drinking straight out of a Yoohoo canteen.  Meanwhile the espresso was on top  just sitting there, waiting its turn patients so I actually took the lid off and took a couple sips just to get the flavor.  Something tells me this isn’t how you’re supposed to do it, but personally I guess I just prefer a latte with everything mixed together.

Dunkin Donuts Iced Snickerdoodle Macchiato – The Verdict

Snickerdoodle is a wonderful flavor and it’s well represented in Dunkin’s flavor swirl.  It really reminds me of the cookie and fits well in a coffee beverage.  The Macchiato retails for $3.79 for a medium size, an otherworldly price for Dunkin while the latte retails for a lot less, has slightly less espresso and to me is better mix. This time around the Macchiato was presented as advertised but for me, that wasn’t actually a good thing. Different strokes for different folks, but I think I’ll stick to lattes going forward.

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Dunkin Donuts Iced Snickerdoodle Macchiato [Review]
Properly constructed macchiatoSnickerdoodles beat almost everything ever createdEspresso rush
$3.79 for a mediumLayers aren't necessarily my cup of tea
7.1Overall Score
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