Just like rigged games at a carnival and your steak coming out over done at a restaurant, some things are just a guarantee.  Just like whenever I drove up to Dunkin’ Donuts and saw that they were featuring a new flavor for their coffee drinks this cycle.  This time the classical combination of Caramel Mocha permeates its way from the ritzy coffee houses and onto the Dunkin’ menu.

Per usual, Iced Latte’s are pictured on the menu and in press photos are topped with a magical mound of whipped cream and drizzled with an artistic amount of whatever syrup is contained in the beverage.  Based on my drink today and my prior experiences, Dunkin’ doesn’t think the to-go crowd appreciates these whimsical follies, as my drinks come naked on top.  And based on the under carriage of my drink, there wouldn’t have been any syrup left over for the whipped cream because all of it was sequestered at the bottom of my cup.  
I would have typically been upset about this, the least you can do when you purchase a brewed beverage is expect it to be mixed at least half heartedly. This mix job was certainly mailed in, but due to the fact that this one was on the house via my birthday complimentary beverage coupon, I didn’t care all that much.  
Tossing in my straw, I stirred with the heart of a champion, creating some small semblance of what the drink was supposed to entail.  After all, Caramel Mocha beverages are quite complex in their flavor wavers.  Typically a proper Carmocha will have equal both flavors complimenting each other in a perfect harmonious balance.  All too often, I’ve found, the Mocha’s bold overbearing, harsh nature, takes the reins and rides this pony til the cows come home, leaving the caramel weakened and downtrodden, on the sidelines.  
After my drink was mixed, I took a long straw induced sip.  All of the flavors wafted around in my mouth for one brief, fleeting moment.  And then it was all gone in a tidal wave of Mocha.  This latte almost has the mix down pat.  While it sloshes around on your tongue, the sweet caramel elements fondle your buds, while the rich chocolate and espresso components provide the back bone boldness you’d come to expect from a coffee drink.  All of this is well and good, until the mocha after taste rocks your world, while the caramel sheepishly wilts and cowers over.  
I’m not quite sure what the syrup to syrup ratio entails for the Caramel Mocha.  Whether its done with a precise measurement or done all willy nilly, I’m not quite sure.  But I would definitely like to see the caramel make a more pronounced appearance.  Regardless, this drink really tasted great, earning a 3 star rating.  
Caramel Mocha Iced Latte: 3/5