The world of beverages is continuously flourishing beyond me wildest dreams. I find myself walking into convenience stores sometimes just to see what new things the bottler has come up with this week. My local Sheetz sported a whopping twelve beverages that I deemed reviewable when I saddle bagged my way into the store the other night. While there will never be a shortage of things to review, I never dreamed I would find something in my own fridge at the homestead. Being home for the holidays is always interesting, just to see the changes and alterations being made around the house while you’ve been gone. I remember last year, my family converted to chunky peanut butter out of nowhere on me. Things like this are typical, but whenever I perused the basement fridge upon my arrival, I was astounded to see Tropical Fruit Splash bottled water by Nestle.

First off, when did Nestle fool the world into believing they were anything more than chocolate and candy bars? They’ve been making bottled water for years and I knew that, but in the end this is like Subway deciding they’ll start producing and distributing belt sanders. Well not quite like that, but you catch my drift.

Next, as all of you know, I’m a huge fan of diet and calorie free anything. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge proponent of just a normal bottle of water. Its refreshing, quenches your thirst, and is entirely healthy for you. But what about adding flavor to this proposition? I know that flavored bottled water is nothing new, but all of the flavors have been standbys and the norm. The biggest risk I’ve ever seen is strawberry kiwi.

As you can see, the nutritional facts are multicultural friendly. Just in case you needed to comprehend calorie free in Spanish.

This drink is pretty darn tasty. The combo of pineapple, oranges, cherries, and what appears to be mango combine for a taste that makes my taste buds sparkle like a 3 way light bulb. In no way does the flavor fit right in like a lemonade, kool aid, or sugar ridden beverage would, you can still taste the Splenda, but all in all this water has what it takes to take you back to the summer eve’s even in this winter monotony.

I’ll give the Tropical Fruit Splash a 4/5.

Nestle Pure Life Tropical Fruit Splash: 4/5

PS. Its a bad idea to try and fool someone into sipping this thinking that it is regular water. I’ve always found that when you’re brain is prepared for one thing and then you sip on something drastically different, projectile spitting will inevitably ensue.