Last March, Mountain Dew initiated its first Diet specific DEWmocracy campaign, where they release multiple new flavor options and let customers vote online to see which will become a permanent product.  This has always been something I thought a stellar idea, giving people the chance to try as many flavors as possible, creating cult legends, and retired classics.  As Al Gore will tell you, not everyone wins in a democracy, and there had to be a winner last year, and the Strawberry Melon infused option, titled Supernova, was the winner.

After all of the initial batches of the competitors drained out of the supply chains, a year long waiting period ensues while Mountain Dew stockpiles and prepares the beverage for permanent status.  The long wait is over, and Diet Supernova has hit the shelves.


I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Diet Mountain Dew. Growing up Mountain Dew was a favorite beverage of mine, making me fly off the walls with a caffeine buzz and sugar high, that would drive your parentals crazy.  Back then, I certainly wasn’t counting calories either, and drank the stuff like it was water.  But times have changed and I’ve limited myself to only diet sodas.  So whenever DEWmocaracy went diet last year, I was happier than Uncle Ben when he finally met Aunt Jemima.

While I myself was a little more partial to the 3rd place finisher, Diet White Out, America can’t be wrong, so I had to test out the winner for myself.  Grabbing the 20oz shaft of carbonation, I couldn’t help but notice that Mountain Dew was participating in one of my biggest diet beverage pet peeves.  Sneaking calories into a drink labeled diet.  With 10 calories per bottle and none in an 8 oz serving, the calories weren’t plentful, but still enough that calling it diet just feels wrong.

Pouring the magenta colored liquid into a glass, it started to look like I was about to drink some sort of tussin’.  Assuming I wasn’t going to be sippin’ the sizzurp’ I took a long hiccup inducing slurp.  The first thing that can easily be said about this Dew is that it’s very sweet.  It makes all too much sense to me now that there is some caloric content, with the overpowering sweetness.

The the strawberry melon flavoring is quite palpable as well. With a powerful burst of flavor, most people won’t even notice this drink is even diet.  The after taste seems to be a little harsher than most drinks though, with a strong, almost bitter bite.  I’m sure all of the sweet tooth gulpers out there will enjoy this drink quite a bit, but it was just too much for me.  Over the top flavoring, harsh bite, and sugar cube licking sweetness, Diet Supernova gets 2 stars.

Mountain Dew Diet Supernova: 2/5


Mountain Dew Diet Supernova: